Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish (Part of the Big Pair Gang)

Scientific Name: Melanotaenia praecox (pronounced)

Size: 2-3 Inches

Temp: 75-80 F

Water Type: Freshwater/Tropical (pH 6.8-7.6)

Behavior: They are rather playful, and enjoy playing tag with other fish. They will not bite to hurt, but they will nip as they are playing.

Tank Type: They love a planted tank, with some swimming space.

Variety: There is no variety among the Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish.

How Many: Explained above.

Feeding: They will accept flakes, pellets, bloodworms, lettuce, brine shrimp, water fleas, and algae waffers.

Recommend Tank Size: 20 gallons

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