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I've kept fish for about 6 years, and have researched them for 7 years. Over the years I've kept over 150 fish, of atleast 20 different varieties.

Meet My Goldies!
Here are 2 of my current goldies, along with my late big girl and little boy :(.

29-Gallon as of December 29, 2006

29-Gallon Tank~
2 Female Crowntail Bettas (Betta Splendens)
6 Glowlight Tetras
4 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish

Full tank shot (notice the smaller, blue gravel- this is used for sinking granules so even the little ones can find them.) Psychedelic at top of red plant, Citrus below Psyc, Maranda behind Psyc and Citrus, Borris at bottom of filter intake, Diamond in top far right corner, Tiger near bottom right corner of tank, and once again, Pumpkin went into hiding!

90-Gallon Tank~
1 Shubunkin Goldfish
2 Comet Goldfish
1 Sarasa Common Goldfish
2 Common Goldfish

More goldfish pictures from mid-2006!:
Here are some pictures of my goldies! I'll try and name as many fish in the pictures as possible (in some it will be obvious you might not get the name of the right fish.) You may notice lots of brown algae- it grows back within -seemingly- minutes of my scrubbing it, and it seems to cut down on reflection (you may notice the tank's in front of a window.) Also helps take away some of the "mental isolam syndrom"! These will be added to my site for furter viewing later on. Please do not use them for your own things. THANK YOU!

Filtration is provided by two AquaClear 500s (some of you may know them as AquaClear 110- they changed the name to how many gallons an hour they move LOL .) In the left corner of my tank I have a Rena Cal 300-watt heater so the fishies don't get the chills in the winter (or any time year round, for that matter.) I also have a Maxima air pump by Elite. As you probably have seen me say, it's rated for up to a 30-gallon, creates tsunamis in my 29 and 90-gallon, and should really be for a 300-gallon! It has two air outputs, so I have a 6" air stone in the left corner of the tank, and a 12" air stone in the center of the tank.

Tiger showing off her strips!

Citrus, one of my friend's two goldies.

I LOVE THIS SHOT! Sacronized goldie swimming (Diamond in bottom left corner, Psychedelic in center, and I think that's Citrus on the far right... Might be his buddy, Borris!)

Goldie farris wheel! Maranda in bottom left, Psychedelic in top left, Citrus in top center, and Diamond in right corner.

See, they're super models in the making! Citrus in very top left corner, Psychedelic in center, and Maranda in right top corner.

I LOVE THIS SHOT, ALSO! If you look closely, it looks like there "11" written on Psyc's side. Or if you look more closely, it looks like there's a "2" on an angle, and it reads "12". I think that's Pumpkin's or Diamond's nose in the far left center (in front of Psyc's nose.)

6 of my 7 goldies (Told yea Pumpkin's camera shy- remember, way back when I posted some other shots?) Citrus near red plant, Tiger dive-bombing green plant, Maranda near filter intake, Diamond to the right of Maranda, Borris below Maranda & Diamond, Psychedelic admiring his reflection in far, top right corner of the tank, and if you look really closely at the base of the dark green plant on the left side, you can see Pumpkin's tail and belly!

All 7 goldies! Citrus near red plant, Diamond appear to be "on" the filter intake, Tiger approaching filter intake, Maranda above Tiger, Psychedelic in his favorite top far right corner again, Borris near dark green plant, and what's that? Pumpkin in the bottom right corner of the tank! He decided to come out of hiding!

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