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Hey, GoldfishCrazy11 here. This is were I'll share my in-sites, comments, stories, etc. about my fish. Possibly even pictures at some point. Please feel free to look around.


Why did I choose this intresting hobby?
It's a great challenge, and tons of fun. I enjoy researching topics to help my fish be as happy as they can be.

What fish do you like the challenge of keeping the most?
I really like keeping goldfish- they're such beautiful creatures!

How long have you been keeping fish?
I've been keep fish since 2001, but I've been researching fish since 2000. So for 6 years I've been keeping fish, and for 7 years I've been into the hobby.


http://www.2cah.com/pandora/Disease.html#NTD- Lists Diseases and their Cures

http://www.plantedtank.net/index.html- Plants Site with a Great Gallery

http://tropicalresources.net/phpBB2/Stocking.htm- Freshwater Stocking Calculator

http://www.fishbase.org/search.cfm- Fish Search Database

I got the links for these sites from an awesome fishkeeper, Hailey, from http://www.aquariumfish.com in the forum section. Happy fish keeping!

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