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How much do you know about fish? Record your answers on a piece of paper, and then scroll to the bottom to see if you were right!

1. What size do most pacus grow to?
A. 2-3 feet
B. 18 inches
C. 1 foot

2. What group are piranhas members of?
A. Labyrinth (such as bettas and gouramis)
B. Livebearers
C. Tetras

3. What approximate rule for stocking goldfish is best?
A. 1-inch of fish per gallon
B. 3-5 gallons per inch of fish
C. The goldfish will grow to whatever size their tank is, so it doesn't matter.

4. What numbers do most tetras prefer to live in?
A. 1
B. Any number
C. 6 or more

5. Does copper harm shrimp?
A. Yes, it can kill them.
B. It only harms certain shrimp.
C. It doesn't harm shrimp at all.

1:A, 2:C, 3:B, 4:C, 5:A

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